How to become a Police Officer in New Jersey
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  • Basic Course for Police Officers Class #112 is currently in session and will tentatively graduate on October 7, 2022
  • Basic Course for Police Officers/SLEO II CoMmingled Class #113 will commence on September 2, 2022
  • SLEO II Night class #52 will commence on September 23, 2022



In accordance with the Police Training Commission, there are new requirements for all applicants of BCPO and SLEO II classes going forward. Departments must use the updated application found on our website as it includes updated PTC-7 and PTC-8 forms that are required. Also, all departments must get a urinalysis for every applicant from the State Toxicology Laboratory and results are required to be sent to the Ocean County Police Academy before the first day of class or the recruit will not be permitted to attend. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If there are any questions pertaining to the new requirements, please contact the Ocean County Police Academy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


The Ocean County Police Academy is a premier law enforcement training academy located in central New Jersey. It is one of 15 law enforcement training academies certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission. Each year, the academy trains more than 300 recruits in various law enforcement disciplines such as Basic Police Officer, Special Police Officer, County Correction Officer and Humane Law Enforcement Officer. In addition to basic recruit training, the Academy is also host to in-service and specialized law enforcement training programs for newly certified and veteran officers.

Ocean County Police Academy


To provide Ocean County Law Enforcement with high quality training and other assistance that elevates the professionalism of overall police service.

To prepare police recruits mentally, physically, ethically and with a proficiency of skills to perform the police duties at a high level of competence.

To maintain current knowledge of contemporary police issues, methods, concerns and technology for the purpose of presenting useful instruction on said subjects.

In all instruction, to police recruits and veteran police officers:

1. Build and reinforce a strong ethical foundation to ensure proper behavior throughout the police career.
2. Develop a high proficiency of skills essential for effective policing.
3. Emphasize alertness and preparation for actions as a means for personal safety.

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