Conducting the Pre-Employment Background Investigation

//Conducting the Pre-Employment Background Investigation
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Conducting a thorough and complete background investigation is one of the best ways to prevent future problems in your agency. Once a person is hired the process to remove them can be arduous and costly.
Many agencies rely on pre-911 pre-employment practices such as blindly accepting candidates with the highest physical and/or academic test results. State law requires us to take those qualifications into account; but the law does not require agencies to ignore the more important qualifiers such as the candidate’s character and ethical history, financial responsibility, temperament, or their record of interpersonal relationships. Since 911, department’s background investigations ae also about ensuring national security.

Conducting an in-depth, thorough and complete investigation on each and every candidate is the only way to protect your agency. With this valuable information, hiring committees can make informed decisions. This course covers scope, tactics and techniques necessary to reveal all negative traits as well as past criminal or inappropriate behaviors and actions on the part of applicants.
Instructors will cover:

Getting beyond candidates best friends and pre-set practiced answers

Identifying areas of concern and recognizing potential red flags.

Interview techniques and tactics that can reveal a candidate’s beliefs and feelings on a variety of job related topics

Gauging a candidate’s temperament beyond their answers

Preparing and documenting a proper investigative report including collecting and recording data and witness interviews

This course will also cover the legal requirements pertaining to when certain questions can be asked and how much information the applicant is obliged to provide. What to do if you learn the employee has lied during any part of the process and when it is legally permissible to terminate the process.

This program is designed so your agency can prevent the need for expensive law suits and worse, the disruption of your agency or company as you fight to correct the problem.

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