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Domestic Violence

Understanding Abuse Dynamics and Conducting Investigations 

Domestic violence is a complex crime. Responding law enforcement officers must be equipped with an understanding of the nuances, dynamics, and course of conduct of intimate partner violence/abuse to effectively address the victim’s needs and to hold the offender accountable with a thorough and comprehensive investigation.


This course will help the student to understand:

·         Victim-centered, trauma informed response when officers respond to domestic violence incidents whether it be the first time or the 10th time.  

·         How to recognize the physiology of trauma

·         The nature, dynamics, cycle and patterns of domestic violence

·         The signs and symptoms of abuse and its physical, emotional and physical effects on victims and families

·         How to identify the common characteristics and mindset of batters and victims (Coercive Control model)

·         How to assess strangulation

·         How to understand the short and long term impact of violence upon children

·         How to identify the primary aggressor

·         How to conduct victim-centered interviews and investigations and support systems available for victims.

·         During the training I provide them with handouts filled with resource information for victims’ of crime, including the county victim-witness coordinators and victim advocacy groups in New Jersey.

Captain Hernandez (Ret.) was a trainer with the AG’s Office DV Training Team for 12 years, teaching police officers and investigators throughout New Jersey how to respond to and investigate DV cases.  Presently, Capt. Hernandez is a National Trauma Speaker with Equal Justice USA.

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