Interview and Interrogation in Narcotics Cases

//Interview and Interrogation in Narcotics Cases
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This course is designed specifically for law enforcement officers. The focus of this training is to prepare investigators to conduct court-preferred methods of interviewing and interrogation techniques by incorporating non-verbal and behavioral analysis (body language) as well as grammatical clues to support truth and deception.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

Identify the 10 most common mistakes oftentimes made by investigators.
Describe the differences between an interview and interrogation.
Describe the “fight vs. flight” syndrome and its effects on behavioral analysis.
Perform analysis on verbal and written statements.
Prepare a list of “open” and “closed ended” questions.
Describe the cause and affects of the “false positive” and how to avoid same.
Recognize the “evasive verbal response” and its affective antidote.
Repeat the three mandated questions of the “verbal lie detector.”
Perform the mathematical equation of balancing a written statement.
Describe the importance of allowing suspects to maintain their dignity.
Conduct and describe the 12 steps of an interrogation.

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